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Planning is another passion and hobby of mine and our Cross Stitch and Planner shops have now been separated into two. We have a sister site where we also create and sell planner stickers, stationery and lots more at www.plan2stitchplanning.com. We would love it if you'd check it out.

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Rainbow Needlework Scissors
Rainbow Needlework Scissors
Rainbow Needlework Scissors
Rainbow Needlework Scissors

Rainbow Needlework Scissors

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A little about Plan2Stitch

Plan2stitch started out as a small Etsy shop listing just a few needleminders and a couple of cross stitch charts. The shop grew very fast, way faster than I ever imagined reaching over 3000 sales in just 7 months! Even my partner Michael has become quite the expert in embroidery items being the maker of the scissor fobs himself! Both sides of Plan2stitch (cross stitch & planner stickers) became extremely popular and the amount of products we sell grew that much I knew I needed to separate these two markets to ensure products weren't 'getting lost' amongst one another which lead to the release of our sister Etsy shop Plan2StitchPlanning. At the same time I built a website as a home for all of our products so they can be at home in one place and under our complete control. Both Etsy shops are still running as well as our very own website. At Plan2Stitch we are most famous for our wide range of needleminders with over 150 in stock and more added every month! Our needleminders have even been featured in the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine! I have recently branched out further into the cross stitch world and now sell much more stitchy stash goodies such as kits, fabric, embroidery frames and much more. As well as a vast variety of embroidery items available we also create and sell many planner stickers, stationery, jewellery and bookmarks. If you are interested in any of our items or would like to know more drop us an email or a message through our facebook page.