Skulls N' Roses Luxury Padded Project Bag, Q-Snap Frame Cover Set

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Bumbly Bee Luxury Project Bag / Q-Snap Bag

All purchases of both the grime guard and project bag as a set will receive a free needleminder!

Our project bags are perfect for keeping your embroidery frames / q-snap frames in to protect your current project, there's even room to keep extra items stored inside such as your chart, scissors, threads etc. Great for keeping everything in one place.

We have sized the bags around 3" bigger than the general q-snap frame size so for example if you purchase the 9" x 9" bag then the bag will be suitable for the 6" x 6" embroidery frame. Please make sure you have ordered the right size bag for your needs as these are made to order and cannot be changed once made.

So for the bags if you choose a

6" x 6" Q-Snap you'll receive a 9" x 9" Bag
8" x 8" Q-Snap you'll receive a 11" x 11" Bag
8" x 11" Q-Snap you'll receive a 14" x 11" Bag
11" x 11" Q-Snap you'll receive a 14" x 14" Bag
11" x 17" Q-Snap you'll receive a 14" x 21" Bag
17" x 17" Q-Snap you'll receive a 21" x 21" Bag

For the grime guards you'll get the same size that you choose.

Our bags have a luxury feel to them due to the soft padding throughout giving extra protection.

We have a matching Bumbly Bee grime guard in stock to keep each project perfectly matched to one another. If you choose to purchase the bag and the grime guard together it will be cheaper than purchasing them both separately as we offer a discount for matching sets.

Grime Guards are decorative fabric covers with elastic inside for stretching around your embroidery frames.
This then helps keep your fabric free from fingerprint dirt, catching on things and can also be used to tuck excess fabric inside.

Our covers are available in different sizes to suit the different frames. If we don't stock your size please message us.

This fabric is poly cotton and is a summery yellow and covered in cute bumbly bees. The interior is made of light grey organza but we do stock other coloured organzas so if you'd like a different colour interior than light grey please message us and we will accommodate best we can. The zip is a white YKK Nylon zip with a metal zipper pull.

Our covers and bags are handmade meaning there may be slight variations in each piece such as pattern placement and small variants in the final size but nothing drastic.
If we don't currently stock your size please message us and we can do our best to help.

Note this listing is to purchase the q-snap cover and project bag only any other props such as the frame itself, needle minders or scissors are not included. 

Colours may vary depending on your computer screen meaning colours may look slightly different in person, we use professional lighting to ensure you can see the details of the patterns.

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